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About our Activities

Independence is important in helping people age where they want to live…in their own homes. This is the focus as we plan our activities and services. Activities at the O’Neill and Belpre Centers are designed to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of adults ages 50 and above while ensuring the six areas of personal wellness are covered. Those include: Intellectual, Vocational, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Physical. Group activities are designed to promote social supports which address arts, education, fitness, health programming, socialization, and travel. A healthy person is active and informed. Join us today and see how energizing aging can be!

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts and other creative projects can help reduce boredom, keep adults minds active and invigorated. Arts and crafts help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration. Some of our arts and crafts include: Canvas Painting, Paint Pouring, Card Making, Quilting, Knitting, and Journaling. The O’Neill and Belpre Centers try to offer varieties of new and exciting craft classes. Join in today and feel the excitement!

Education & Evidenced Based

Education classes can help improve quality of life, health management, and increase independence, mobility, and health behaviors. Education classes are often programs designed to stimulate and ease the mind. Classes include: Fraud Awareness and Prevention, Online Banking, Stroke Prevention, and Welcome to Medicare. These programs are based on senior’s best interests as they age.

We also provide evidence-based programs to help seniors live HIP (Healthy, Independent, and Productive). Evidence-based programs are provided to promote health and prevent/decrease disease among older adults. Classes include: Matter of Balance, Healthy U (Chronic Disease Self-Management or Chronic Pain Self-Management), DEEP (Diabetes Empowerment Education Program), Tai Chi, and Chi Walking. New classes are forming daily. Sign up now! 


Fitness classes for seniors can help improve balance and prevent falls. Our fitness classes are to help prevent seniors from becoming immobile while sitting at home. We offer slow and fast paced fitness classes. Classes like Pound, Tap, Zumba, Line Dance, and Square Dance are fast paced and are good for keeping up the heart rate. We also offer classes that move slower. These classes are slower paced for the older adult that can’t move as fast and need help improving their balance and preventing falls. The classes offered are: Chair volleyball, Fun & Fit, Tai Chi, Gentle Yoga and Chi Walking.

Health Screenings

Informational sessions offered address health related topics such as: Heart health, COPD, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Diabetes, and many more. Health Screenings are also offered free of charge to participants and range from Blood Pressure to Hearing Aid Cleaning. All health screenings are provided by area health agencies and give information to seniors about diseases and conditions that come with natural aging. The O’Neill Center is dedicated to keeping area seniors living healthier and happier lives.


The O’Neill Center offers safe and affordable travel options for those 50 and above. Trips are designed to allow travel options for those who don’t – or no longer wish to – drive themselves for long distances. Let us handle the details including hotel reservations and local tour guides who offer an experience like none other. Our travel offers the perfect balance of expertly planned sightseeing and free time to seek out your personal interest. Economical travel is offered both across the United States and abroad, allowing opportunities for you to experience varied cultures. You can visit national treasures or try your luck at casinos. From day trips, to overnight and even cruises, we are certain you will find something of interest in O’Neill’s travel options. Click here for a complete listing of upcoming travel options.